Why we are different

Whilst we are serious about improving sales performance through improving the effectiveness of your sales function, we also have a light touch. We interact with people at every level and encourage out of the box thinking. Some of the best ideas come from individuals who understand a process inside out, can see it doesn’t work but don’t always know who to turn to with a great idea to do things differently.

Do different or do differently?

Grammatically there is enough evidence around to say that both are correct….the point is it doesn’t really matter!

By design, naming a company which causes debate sets us apart. We like to be different and do different things and work with different, people and different businesses who have a willingness to test new and different approaches. Equipping the sales force with iPads; re-vamping your marketing material; reviewing departmental work flows and inter-action; testing a campaign on a sub-set of customers…..sometimes stuff works, sometimes it fails but if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Test and learn. Try again but don’t drive yourself crazy through expecting different results from doing what you have always done.

Small changes can often make all the difference.

We start at the beginning of the cycle ensuring that objectives are aligned to goals. A couple of days getting to know you and what makes the organisation tick. Continue Reading

In all aspects of business it is essential to have a framework from which to work. This is no different in sales to any other part the business yet all too often sales people are left to work unchecked.
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We don’t just deliver training and leave you to get on with it – ongoing in field accompaniment, coaching and mentoring (post training) aids absorptionContinue Reading

Recruiting a full time Sales Director or Manager can be costly. Hiring the wrong person can be even more costly.Continue Reading