Sales Effectiveness – Coaching and Mentoring

We don’t just deliver training and leave you to get on with it – ongoing in field accompaniment, coaching and mentoring (post training) aids absorption, supported by bespoke testing and accreditation programmes for objective measurement of learning.

With the day-to-day pressures on organizations and sales teams to deliver results, the benefits associated with taking the time and allowing managers the time to actively coach and mentor their teams are often overlooked.

How many times are objectives set at  the start of a period and never reviewed again until “appraisal time”? Often appraisals are annual events, occasionally bi-annual. If results are not on track at the half year point, it’s highly unlikely that they will improve as a result of a mid year appraisal!

If sales people are falling into bad habits, how will you know (apart from the half tear results being behind target of course)? How sure can you be that all the great training ideas that have been taught are embedded into day to day operational sales processes, that your sales teams pro-actively plan for customer visits, that the process that they follow in each customer call includes a professional needs analysis, that questioning is open rather than closed, that individuals can adapt to different personality types, that the features and benefits of your products and services are fully understood and can be articulated professionally?

In field coaching and mentoring, embedded into the sales process, gives managers and the business an opportunity to assess in-field performance, to identify improvement and development areas and equally importantly to recognize success and excellence. It’s all to easy to take success for granted as it is to let poor or inadequate performance go unchecked.

Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their roles.

For your best people this might mean that they feel valued and motivated and as a result they will stay and continue to perform at a high level. On the other hand, a consistent approach to coaching and mentoring is bound to highlight weaknesses and development needs,  or in the worst case however, you have sufficient evidence to support the implementation of a formal Performance Improvement Plan. Lack of managerial support, unfortunately, is an all to frequent complaint for the plaintiff at unfair dismissal tribunals.

We also provide a resource centre of useful tools to facilitate:

  • sales, account and opportunity planning
  • pre – call planning and post call analysis
  • sales performance, pipeline reporting and forecasting
  • assessment and accreditation against learning goals

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We don’t just deliver training and leave you to get on with it – ongoing in field accompaniment, coaching and mentoring (post training) aids absorptionContinue Reading

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