Do Different – Sales Effectiveness Consulting

We start at the beginning of the cycle ensuring that objectives are aligned to goals.

We don’t necessarily mean rip it up and start again – every organisation has it’s good bits –  but rather an honest appraisal of what is and what isn’t working for you then applying the “do different” touch to the areas that aren’t working quite so well.

Change does not have to be radical but it should be constant. When is not a good idea to try out a different approach?  Test and learn. We coach and encourage sales teams and allied resources to adopt different approaches to improve individual aspects of their performance in different areas e.g. in call planning, in call approach, post call analysis, account planning, reporting, territory planning, sales order processing, marketing collateral, customer campaigns etc……

We look for proof points and evidence which demonstrate outcome improvements. Is it what we expect? Are processes being followed?  Are KPIs being met? Are results moving in the right direction?

We call this “inspect what you expect”. This is the physical output, the demonstrable proof of adoption, your demonstration of return on your investment in sales force and sales process effectiveness.

We start at the beginning of the cycle ensuring that objectives are aligned to goals. A couple of days getting to know you and what makes the organisation tick. Continue Reading

In all aspects of business it is essential to have a framework from which to work. This is no different in sales to any other part the business yet all too often sales people are left to work unchecked.
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We don’t just deliver training and leave you to get on with it – ongoing in field accompaniment, coaching and mentoring (post training) aids absorptionContinue Reading

Recruiting a full time Sales Director or Manager can be costly. Hiring the wrong person can be even more costly.Continue Reading