Information Services Provider – Establishing a Global Sales Culture

Challenge: Organizational structure redesign to create operating efficiencies, increase sales, improve customer service, improve internal communication, implement measurable KPIs across 43 countries

Results: Improved productivity, sales and relationships with key corporate accounts through the implementation of a Corporate Account Partnership Programme (CAPP), structured sales training and the introduction of a Sales Accreditation Programme.

Reporting and forecasting improvement through re-invigorated use of corporate CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics) facilitating weekly, monthly pipeline reporting supported by new format monthly report.

Improved communication flow through establishing a conference calling culture (270 attendees) received with great enthusiasm. Weekly, monthly forecast calls.

Increased total sales (inc. renewals) by 20% and new business sales by 58%

Global Telecom Service Provider – “Hunter” Team Establishment

Challenge: Establish an EMEA wide sales team to focus on the development of multi-national corporate accounts in the Region.

Outcomes: Implemented a competency based selection process, role specifications and job descriptions to create a team of 30 Account Managers and 5 Sales Managers, coached and mentored to develop business from previously untapped sources identified through a detailed and comprehensive market segmentation exercise.

Telecom Service Provider – Sales Team Unification (Post Merger)

Challenge: Manage customers and staff through a major period of uncertainty following entry into Chapter 11 bankrupcy protection. Rationalise and unify 2 separate sales teams. Account segmentation and re-allocation. New business and renewal target assignment.

Outcome: Retention of all customers and contracts and zero staff attrition through an intensely challenging period. Team substantively stayed together over a 4 year period including 2 years as most successful EMEA sales team.


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