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An insight into how the Sales Excellence Program impacts business through this example from a current client.

The UK Sales Excellence Program was first launched in November 2011. Designed to improve our sales offering to  customers, there are now plans to introduce the program into other countries. As Interim Sales Director, Mark Springate, who lead the roll out of the program in the UK, talks about what the initiative is, the benefits seen so far and future plans.

 What is the Sales Excellence Program?

The program is designed to identify opportunities for improvement within sales departments across EurotaxGlass Group The key areas the program focuses on are selling skills training, restructuring and recruitment, process improvement and product communication.

 What is your role in the program?

My role is threefold. Firstly, I am responsible for reviewing the UK sales processes as part of a wider initiative covering major European territories in order to identify opportunities for improvement to drive faster and greater sales. The pressure is on the UK it contributes 25% of total revenue for the group as a whole. I consult with the UK management team, making recommendations on projects that could effect change and exploit the identified opportunities. Thirdly, I play a role in the leadership and support of certain improvement projects, including the delivery of the Sales APPROACH training program.

What is the Sales APPROACH training program?

It is a course designed to enhance the sales performance of new and experienced sales people and enhance the experience of our customers. The course provides a comprehensive, yet simple approach to prepare for sales calls and work in a way that will increase effectiveness, productivity and improve sales results.

During my tenure, the recruitment of a new Field Sales Manager, Telesales Manager, Area Account Managers and Telesales Executives has allowed the course to play a key role in the Sales Excellence Program. Importantly the course has also been attended by more experienced Key Account Managers and whilst attendees have different “take aways” from the course, everyone has benefitted .So far, 26 UK sales and marketing employees have attended the course.

What results and benefits has the program seen so far?

Overall, the combination of new people joining the team and the training has already led to a new atmosphere within the UK team. There is renewed confidence and purpose from colleagues, which is producing a better customer experience. Our customers have fed back that we are engaging with them in a different, more positive way.

We have also received a positive response about the training, with delegates feeding back that they found the course valuable, motivating and something that will add value to their work.

Additionally, sales of our latest new product really got off to a flying start in Q1. This is really encouraging news and lays the foundation for our strategy to improve sales results throughout 2012.

How does the program contribute towards customer strategy?

The underlying principle of the program very clearly relates to our strategy of “instilling a passion for putting the customer at the centre of everything we do” by ensuring we focus on the right customers, with the right products, at the right time. The emphasis on RIGHT also reinforces the HR strategy of ensuring we have the right leadership, the right people, the right culture and the right processes.

The Sales APPROACH training program aims to uncover our customers’ needs and then meet those needs in a professional and customer-centric way. The course delivers practical ways to do this, such as developing effective questioning and listening skills.

 What are the plans for the future?

The Group is looking to roll the program and training out to other countries in the near future.

There are also plans in place to hold  a sales conference to bring further focus to the Sales Excellence Program and help facilitate the sharing of best practice across the business.

In terms of the UK, a further Sales APPROACH update courses are planned throughout the year to train additional sales and marketing staff. An orientation course for the customer service team is also being planned for later in the year.

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